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Solutions that protect your organization against the constant threats from the inside or outside


Custom built management solutions that add value and security on-premise or in the cloud


Protection solutions designed to help protect your business from losing your customer’s information and reputation damage


Experience how our technology solutions allow your business to operate efficiently

Protecting Your Business Is Our Business

At Darn IT Group your business protection is our business. Supporting your Cyber Security model drives our business and your infrastructure’s protection is our only priority. We are nationally supported by strategic, global, and emerging technology partners who are information security superheroes for our small and medium clients.

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Are You Prepared For A Breach?

Businesses of all sizes continue to remain unprotected in today’s world and will continue to be under siege with new and intelligent cyber attacks. Threats also exist within the organization – facts unknown to owners or I.T. departments. Protect your business before you experience an issue.

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We Are Cyber Security For Business

Small To Medium Businesses Are Underserved Regarding Cyber Security


Small to medium businesses (SMB) are the ones who are left behind when it comes to proper security measures. 66% of small businesses close their doors within six months of a breach, according to some statistics. Most SMB owners claim that they are “too small” or “have no need” for cybersecurity services. Generally speaking, that mindset itself threatens the business as there is no sure-fire way of guaranteeing protection from the ever-growing threats.

Data protection services are generally overlooked for SMB’s. With the introduction of cloud solutions or cheaper backup hardware, the illusion of protection is frequent in most businesses. Disasters of all kinds threaten the very fabric of these backup solutions which go through no real live testing and are only needed once a disaster strikes. This can be a costly or fatal mistake for SMBs.

Technology is everywhere, how easy it is for us to pick up technology from any virtual or physical stores? Businesses do not need this kind of solution as there are business-grade solutions that are cost-effective, longer warranties, and are typically of higher value for businesses. From computers, servers, tablets, mobile, and telephony – we offer business-grade solutions for businesses of any field and size.

Managing technical infrastructure can be a drag, time-consuming, and inefficient for businesses. Adding security to your infrastructure is key to its survival from outside or inside threats. Adding managed services not only add value but cost-savings by maintaining your infrastructure without the hassle of paying a lump sum of money during a technology failure event. Keep your technology running effectively and smoothly for many years with a team that will have a 24/7 watchful eye on your organization.

Lock Down Your Business Before Hackers Do

Protect Yourself From WannaCry and other Ransomware variants

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We Consult

By reviewing your current infrastructure, policies, and business controls. We identify where your business is most vulnerable to various threats.
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We Design

We have extensive experience in implementations, security deployments, and managed security. Our custom fit solutions will meet the needs of your organization well into the future.
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We Manage 24/7/365

We take the initiative in protecting your business around the clock. That is how serious we are about your security.
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We got your Cybersecurity and I.T. covered, let us help

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