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Ten Questions To Evaluate Your Business Vulnerabilities

Ten Questions To Evaluate Your Business Vulnerabilities

When it comes to your organization’s protection against cyber-crime, there are many questions that can be asked to assess your vulnerabilities. Regardless of your company size or field – these vulnerabilities directly affect each and every one of you in ways you may not even realize.




Here are the ten questions to consider to evaluate the extent of your organization’s vulnerabilities to cyber threats:

  1. Does your organization have a comprehensive cybersecurity program in place?
  2. Are your IT-related applications and systems up to date?
  3. Does your organization have resources dedicated to IT security?
  4. Has your organization aligned your cybersecurity policies with your overall business objectives?
  5. Has your organization invested in security in relation to its risk exposure and tolerance?
  6. Have there been any previous records of a recent cyber-security attack? What kind of response was made?
  7. Does your business have a comprehensive cybersecurity policy? How does this affect your staff?
  8. When was the last time an audit was carried out on the cybersecurity compliance and infrastructure? What were the findings?
  9. Have the company executives and senior management prioritized the cybersecurity programs with the evidence of sufficient funding and organizational structure?
  10. Is there an executive position for the security leader in your organization?


All other factors to consider here is the size of the investment you are willing to put towards IT security. Consider hiring the services of a cybersecurity consultant or cybersecurity business to manage your processes and technology. Hiring these services will allow your business to determine any cybersecurity risks that may threaten your business, vulnerabilities that exist in the infrastructure locally or in the cloud, and lack of knowledge that might jeopardize your organization. Remember this – your due diligence may save your business from a cyber threat – you don’t know what you don’t know, right?

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