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Managing Cyber Risk In Our Digital World

According to Microsoft Secure Blog The Emerging Era of Cyber Defense and Cybercrime, by the year 2020 the world will need to cyber defend 50 times more data than it does at the present day. The World Economic Form recognized cyber risk as one of the top commercial risks facing the world today.

Cyber Risk Is More Than An IT Issue

Through my travels in the IT and Infosec world, there’s one thing that is for certain – Cyber risk is no longer an IT issue, it is a business issue. Cybersecurity in itself is of strategic importance for organizations of all industries and sizes. Every sector must constantly be striving to strike a balance between the need to protect the organization from cyber threats today and the need to lay the groundwork for future resources to fight the future cyber onslaughts.


New Technology Disruptions

As new technologies drive digital disruption, they introduce new security headaches for organizations alike. They can even amplify existing risks by introducing models that must be addressed in order to stay protected. This evolving nature will continue to raise the bar in addressing cyber capabilities beyond addressing the threats that exist now.


Value Of Cyber Risk Services

The most effective way for an organization to maintain the levels of security is through partnering with external experts in cyber risk management to take the lead in on their cyber risk. These organizations work with clients to build effective cyber risk strategies based on a thorough understanding of their business operations and industry. Again, there is no cookie cutter solution that will fit with various industries and levels of business. The result of this is a secure, protected, vigilant and resilient strategy that enables the organization to grow, secure, and trust without deferring compliance.


In order to protect your business from emerging cyber threats, your organization needs to ensure it has already established a basic cybersecurity policy that can repel today’s threats, while at the same time future-proofing capabilities that can protect it from whatever threats that might emerge through the life-cycle. The cyber threat landscape will continue to change, however, the good news is that there are a lot of services out there that can help organizations maintain good cyber hygiene basics while managing their cyber risk profile.

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