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Are You Prepared For A Cyber Attack?

This question I constantly ask prospects which usually get a response of “I believe so” or “We have someone who looks after that”.

As the number of people that have devices connect, the risk and impact of data breaches from malicious cyber attacks, system failures, and human failures will only continue to increase.


Mind The Gap


With the recent high profile breaches shed some light on how complacency on the part of senior management can lead to damage to an organization’s bottom line and most importantly, their reputation. This rule of law applies for enterprise organizations to small businesses. Scenario planning to cyber risk assessments are the best first measures for organizations to better understand their vulnerabilities and to properly prepare for this ever-growing threat. 




Key Facts and Figures To Know


  1. 50 Billion devices will be connected to the internet by 2020 – that’s 8 devices for every person globally. More devices = greater risk.
  2. Types of Breaches: 46% are malicious/criminal, 25% human error, 29% system glitches.
  3. Top Concerns: Business Interruption(during breach), Business Interruption(after the breach), 3rd party liabilities, breach due to 3rd party systems, and 1st party breach cost.
  4. Stakeholder Differences – IT is focused on technical issues, Managers assign appropriate risk, C-Suite understand it is a strategic issue but struggle to define impact.



Develop An Effective Cyber Response

This risk management can be utilized under the 3-point framework:

  1. Preparation
  2. Practice
  3. Execution


Useful Information: Cyber attacks can’t be completely eliminated, however, can be diminished through proactive measures by implementing a thorough risk management framework.In closing, always remember that the entire organization needs to prepare itself from cyber threats and that developing a strong framework followed by proactive measures are the key in hardening the organization from present and future cyber threats.At Darn IT Group, we focus on framework implementation, proactive scenario planning, and cyber risk assessments for organizations who want to understand those risks before it becomes a problem.

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