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Protecting Our Children In Cyberspace

Protecting Our Children In Cyberspace

Do you have children at home during COVID19/Corona Virus isolation? —- We’ve always been an advocate in protecting our children online, with children away from school there will be more opportunities for them to be online. We urge all parents to sit down with your children and have a conversation and make sure the right controls are put in place on all devices that your children have access to. — protect kids online is a great resource that illustrates the risks from age 5-15 years of age. I encourage all parents to take time to go through this and protect their children from various cyber risks. Our Friends at Protect Kids Online has all the information you need to start:

Protect Kids From Age 5-7

Protect Kids From Age 8-10

Protect Kids From 11-12

Protect Kids from Age 13-15

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