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Why Not Enabling Multi-Factor Authentication Is Bad For You

Multifactor authentication

Why Not Enabling Multi-Factor Authentication Is Bad For You

Much like dieting, some of your current cyber habits may be bad for your cybersecurity-hygiene.

Cybercriminals LOVE people and businesses who do not follow today’s recommended cyber-hygiene standards. There have been cases that I’ve personally seen, stories over the media, and examples to be made aware of when it comes to protecting your identity, information, and accounts online.

Two-Factor is Better Than No-Factor

In the cybersecurity field, understand that Email, SMS, and one-time codes are considered less robust security perspective because they can be undermined via various attack scenarios. SIM-Swapping to mobile-based malware, are some of the extremes we face today in order to circumvent these authentication methods. I would always suggest protecting your accounts with the strongest MFA available, however, even today I see clients who do not have any form of authentication methods what so ever.

This is why enabling Two-Factor is a good start in the right direction. Some websites/apps offer MFA methods, and a website can give some illustration on which sites offer different types of authentication for around 900 sites.

Turn on MFA before cyber-criminals do

Today, various popular websites are offering multi-factor authentication methods to protect your account against breaches once your password becomes stolen. As I said above, cybercriminals love to compromise accounts that do not have multi-factor authentication enabled, they will enable it for you if you don’t. This means once a cybercriminal gains access to your account, they will take advantage and turn on these safeguards which in turn you will have a hard time gaining access to your account.

Not all accounts prompt you to enable multi-factor authentication nor do they have options, but it is wise for you to take the time and energy to enable. Remember, some accounts are hard to get a hold of to ask for assistance once your account get’s breached so it is ideal to turn on these measures in the first place. If you complain, comment on how difficult or challenging it is to have all this enabled, I highly recommend you re-read what I said above or perhaps brace yourself for a cyber incident to unfold.

Stop relying on a simple, overused password to protect your accounts. Reduce the headaches and turn on MFA for all your accounts.

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