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Cyber Security

What is Cryptojacking? Cryptojacking is the secret use of your computing device to mine cryptocurrency. How it is utilized? Cryptojacking or cryptocurrency mining works by websites running hidden mining scripts in your browser without your knowledge/consent. They mine by using your computer's processor to earn money for someone else. Your machine may get hot, loud, and slow. How Do I Protect My Business? I always suggest keeping your browser up...

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What is trust? As human beings, we have the tendency to trust others, even if we like to think so or not. In the new digital age of social engineering, the attacks are going beyond your typical obvious looking phishing attacks with fake company logos, fake help desk phone calls – however, more sophisticated attacks are emerging that go beyond amateur means.

According to Microsoft Secure Blog The Emerging Era of Cyber Defense and Cybercrime, by the year 2020 the world will need to cyber defend 50 times more data than it does at the present day. The World Economic Form recognized cyber risk as one of the top commercial risks facing the world today.