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Microsoft 365 hero

A common misconception is that Microsoft 365 out-of-the-box backup is all that is needed to protect your data. While Microsoft does include backup tools to recover or restore data, the tools are often not enough when a problem arises, leaving data lost for good and recovery times long. Questions worth asking: Why do I need backup? Because accidents happen and mistakes can leave your business...

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cyber insurance

I get asked on an almost constant basis from business leaders who inquire about cyber insurance: "Should we look into cyber insurance?" "What's the cost?" "What value can insurance bring to my organization?" "Is there any point in having a cyber insurance policy?" "Will cyber insurance protect my business from a cyber-attack?" Typically speaking these are loaded questions that I typically cannot fully answer as I am not an insurance agent,...

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What is trust? As human beings, we have the tendency to trust others, even if we like to think so or not. In the new digital age of social engineering, the attacks are going beyond your typical obvious looking phishing attacks with fake company logos, fake help desk phone calls – however, more sophisticated attacks are emerging that go beyond amateur means.

According to Microsoft Secure Blog The Emerging Era of Cyber Defense and Cybercrime, by the year 2020 the world will need to cyber defend 50 times more data than it does at the present day. The World Economic Form recognized cyber risk as one of the top commercial risks facing the world today.

This is a very common question that I get asked quite frequently. “Why does my business require an IT consultant?”, “I’m too small to have a consultant”, “I don’t see a point until my business becomes bigger”. Why Do You Need an IT Consultant? For startups or larger businesses, even in a middle of a growth spurt, you may realize at that point in time that you...

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