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cyber insurance

I get asked on an almost constant basis from business leaders who inquire about cyber insurance: "Should we look into cyber insurance?" "What's the cost?" "What value can insurance bring to my organization?" "Is there any point in having a cyber insurance policy?" "Will cyber insurance protect my business from a cyber-attack?" Typically speaking these are loaded questions that I typically cannot fully answer as I am not an insurance agent,...

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Darn IT Group - Voice Assistants

Apple, Amazon, and Google recently changed their policies after privacy concerns were raised Voice assistants have revolutionized the industry when it comes to having an extra set of digital hands in our home or office. Privacy was always the forefront of this and many sci-fi spinoffs were made to make us even more paranoid of our soon to be robot overlords. Because your privacy matters There have...

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What is trust? As human beings, we have the tendency to trust others, even if we like to think so or not. In the new digital age of social engineering, the attacks are going beyond your typical obvious looking phishing attacks with fake company logos, fake help desk phone calls – however, more sophisticated attacks are emerging that go beyond amateur means.

According to Microsoft Secure Blog The Emerging Era of Cyber Defense and Cybercrime, by the year 2020 the world will need to cyber defend 50 times more data than it does at the present day. The World Economic Form recognized cyber risk as one of the top commercial risks facing the world today.