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Cyber Security

Cyber Security Solutions That Protect Your Business

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Penetration & Web Assessment

Data breaches cost North American businesses millions of dollars each year and the number of malicious or criminal attacks is on the rise. Network security weakness can create an easy path for cyber attackers to gain access and compromise sensitive data and applications. Most organizations don’t test their software or web applications until it has been created or has been deployed. Identifying and correcting network vulnerabilities are critical in protecting any organization from harmful attacks and should be used as part of an ongoing strategy to support an organizations security lifecycle.

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Social Engineering Assessment

Social Engineering relies on a set of technological, psychological, and physical techniques that trick a user into breaking security protocols. All of these techniques rely on the exploitation of humans. In order to minimize the likelihood and risk of a Social Engineering attack, Darn IT Group will work with your organization to test end user Security Awareness of Phishing, Spear Phishing and other Social Engineering attacks.

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Compliance Services

The threat of credit card fraud and information theft across the global retail industry has never been more prevalent. In light of these rising threats across the Payment Industry, PCI compliance, governance and risk management practices are imperative for all organizations interacting with cardholder data.

Darn IT Group is able to support enterprise organizations facing these threats as a PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) and Authorized Scanning Vendor (ASV).

Our expertise includes the assessment of PCI Data Security Standards (DSS) as well as the implementation and remediation of PCI initiatives.

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Email Security (eSecurity)

Darn IT Group offers cloud-based email security tools and products designed to help your business stay in control while providing secure email protection for your inbound and outbound email. eSecurity uses collective threat intelligence, 24/7 email continuity solutions, and long-term email archiving—all at an affordable price. Our email filtering technology incorporates input from processing large volumes of email data that feed into our Intelligent Protection & Filtering Engine. This, combined with real-time pattern threat recognition and machine learning technology, helps protect your business against emerging email-borne cyber threats.

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Critical Security Controls Assessment

Darn IT Group Security Controls Assessments guidelines consist of 20 key actions, called critical security controls (CSC), that organizations should take to block or mitigate known attacks. The controls are designed so that primarily automated means can be used to implement, enforce and monitor them. The security controls give no-nonsense, actionable recommendations for cybersecurity, written in language that’s easily understood by IT personnel. Goals of the Consensus Audit Guidelines include:

Leverage cyber offense to inform cyber defense, focusing on high payoff areas,
Ensure that security investments are focused to counter highest threats,
Maximize use of automation to enforce security controls, thereby negating human errors, and Use consensus process to collect best ideas.

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Managed Security Services

Choosing an I.T. & Cybersecurity managed service for your business, you create a layer of security for your business. Reducing your threat stance will reduce the amount of risk your organization takes while operating out in the wild.

Our managed security service options are easy to understand, solutions that are fitted to your particular business model, level of protection, and budget. We monitor all your devices from user to mobile – 24/7/365

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Cyber Security Can Be Complicated

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