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Medical Protection

Defend Your Clinic Against Cybercrime

Due to the intensity of compliance and regulations, the costs per breach to organizations in the healthcare sectors top all other industry groups, according to the Ponemon study.

Darn IT Group’s Security Services defends your medical office from increasingly sophisticated, targeted, or random cybercrime threats. We take on the daily defense of your infrastructure by monitoring your network, systems, and data, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. We add value by providing context and enriching the data you receive, helping to optimize your organization’s IT security monitoring, incident detection, and incident response times.

Biggest Problems in Healthcare Cybersecurity

Increasing Attack Surface

Healthcare Risks Are Ignored

Aging Legacy Hardware

Stolen Medical Data Is Valuable

Let Us Protect And Secure Your Clinic, Darn IT Can Help!

How We Protect You

Darn IT Group custom-built managed security solutions allows your medical clinic to continue to operate effectively and efficiently. We also have your back on compliance and proper data storage to avoid nasty government fines.

Learn The Impact Of A Breach

Decrease Clinic Downtime

Complete Security Solution

Regulatory Compliance Approval

Problem #1: Healthcare’s attack surface is growing

Electronic Health Records (EHRs) are allowing cyber-criminals access to sensitive data.
Online Accessible by the clinic’s not locking the door.
Increased connectivity demanded by patients and governments to allow greater access.
More I.T. means more touchpoints into your network and data.
Your technology needs to be as flexible as your practice, yet keeping your clinic up-to-date with best practices, security solutions, policies, technology updates, etc. Being out of touch with the best current security practices is a recipe for a disaster to strike you. Supported alongside our vendors, we have the experience and know-how to protect your business from growing cyber threats.

Problem #2: Healthcare cybersecurity risks are ignored

Your technology can cripple you after a cyber breach occurs. Attackers turn your technology against your clinic while stealing your patient data from you.
Cybersecurity attacks are inevitable when it comes to healthcare organizations. 
Demonstrate the savings by calculating the amount of loss associated with a cyber breach.
The medical wave of data breaches is increasing year after year thanks to increased online presence. 
Throwing technology at the problem is not the answer. Darn IT Group Medical Protection services will calculate the amount of risk you are currently experiencing then offering industry approved protection services in order to decrease clinic downtime, minimize data theft, and keep your organization compliant in order to avoid government involvement in privacy breaches.

Problem #3: Healthcare is inter-connected

Anthem exposed 80 million patient records back in 2015. Not easily forgotten for any size organization. 
Cybersecurity threats to small clinics have increased ten-fold within the last few years. Smaller organizations are not immune to such attacks. 
Interconnected targets – Interconnected nature of the modern healthcare industry makes these small targets as an easy means of entry to breach a larger organization.
Healthcare organizations of all sizes are targets due to the interconnected nature of the industry and all organizations face resource constraints
Healthcare is interconnected in ways never imagined before. Technology is the thread that binds the industry together, however, the risks keep increasing due to the connected environments. This means clinic’s of all sizes are not immune to the growing cybersecurity risks that come with using local or cloud-based technologies. This is similar to a seemingly innocent scrape on your leg that can lead to a systemic infection that jeopardizes your life.

Problem #4: Stolen patient data is valuable

Why do thieves rob banks? Becuase that’s where the money is.
Why do hackers breach hospitals? because that’s where valuable patient data is.
Medical history can last longer – A person’s diagnoses, treatments, and personal data such as full name and social insurance number never change.
Worth more on the black market – Medical records are ten times more costly compared to credit card data.
Medical data is worth more to cybercriminals compared to credit card information. One reason is the longevity of the data, and another is its richness. The richness means extensive patient information can be obtained from medical records which could lead to fraud, identity theft, and blackmail. This is the real reason that the healthcare industry is rated high-risk for cyber attacks as criminals are working around the clock to seek and attack healthcare organizations.
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