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Swiss Secure Cloud and Communications

Swiss Data Vault and Secure Communications

A Cybersecurity innovator leader in Swiss Secure Cloud Document Management, Secure email and Secure Communications

Secure File Management

Data backup, file sharing, password management, and communication. Multiple user management, access rights, file-sharing, secure email hosted in Switzerland

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Secure Communications

Secure and private audio/video calling, chat, self-deleting chat, file transfer and email via any mobile device, tablet or computer. Communications are transmitted in Switzerland within the Swiss hosted secure servers.

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Secure Email

Secure and Private eMail and collaboration platform with the highest security and privacy standards. Businesses can move their domain hosting to Custodia’s Swiss hosted secure hosting environment.

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Executive Solutions

Executives and High-net-worth individual (HNWI) solutions for secure data and communications management. All data and communications are routed only through Swiss based servers on private channels. 

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You are Safe Everywhere When Your Data is Securely Hosted in Switzerland

Long Lasting Political Stability

Low Environmental Risks & Energy Independent

Highest Data Privacy


Low Network Latency

Independent From Big Players (USA & EU)

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No one else offers same range of services with same level of security and privacy