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Yes, you read that right. In this episode, Darnley discusses his frustrations on why banks in North America are not adopting strong security practices, how a Canadian bank failed him in the past, and why after 35 years of electronic communication they still can't get it right.  Support the show ( ...

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Do you remember a time where net neutrality hit headlines?Do you remember when cyber sovereignty hit the news? We don't. In this episode, Darnley discusses what is Cyber Sovereignty and how it affects the overall cybersecurity posture for countries around the world. From the Great Firewall of China to the fall of Nortel, he discusses the importance of this and why it can and may become...

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Microsoft 365 hero

A common misconception is that Microsoft 365 out-of-the-box backup is all that is needed to protect your data. While Microsoft does include backup tools to recover or restore data, the tools are often not enough when a problem arises, leaving data lost for good and recovery times long. Questions worth asking: Why do I need backup? Because accidents happen and mistakes can leave your business...

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