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Multifactor authentication

Much like dieting, some of your current cyber habits may be bad for your cybersecurity-hygiene. Cybercriminals LOVE people and businesses who do not follow today's recommended cyber-hygiene standards. There have been cases that I've personally seen, stories over the media, and examples to be made aware of when it comes to protecting your identity, information, and accounts online. Two-Factor is Better Than No-Factor In the cybersecurity field, understand that Email,...

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Children Predator

During the pandemic, children all over the world are spending more time online during lockdowns - online predators are looking at this as an opportunity to abuse children. I've always been an advocate for online safety, especially for our most vulnerable - our children. Unfortunately, parents still have this "it will never happen to my kids" mentality - as much as we can rely on...

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Microsoft 365 hero

A common misconception is that Microsoft 365 out-of-the-box backup is all that is needed to protect your data. While Microsoft does include backup tools to recover or restore data, the tools are often not enough when a problem arises, leaving data lost for good and recovery times long. Questions worth asking: Why do I need backup? Because accidents happen and mistakes can leave your business...

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